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The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) provides a wide array of opportunities for our supporters to have a meaningful impact on national security and defense-related policy, including educating the next generation of national security leaders.

At CNAS, we develop strong, pragmatic and principled national security and defense policies. Our priorities include programs and projects that address regional security concerns - the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, challenges in Iran and Pakistan, and U.S. national security interests in Asia. We also focus on U.S. national security policies, U.S. military forces and operations, and transnational security challenges such as the new field of natural security that explores the implications of natural resource demands, energy dependence, and climate change.

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In addition to our research, we continue programs that foster dialogue, link people and ideas, and cultivate the next generation of national security leaders.

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CNAS Supporters

CNAS is grateful to the generous donors who help make our work possible. Please view the list of CNAS supporters.

CNAS also relies on critical general support from individuals who share the Center’s passion to advance its bipartisan agenda. Learn more about the CNAS Council.

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CNAS Funding Guidelines

Intellectual Independence Policy

CNAS is a national security research and policy institution committed to the highest standards of organizational, intellectual and personal integrity. The Center retains sole editorial control over its ideas, projects and productions, and the content of its publications reflects only the views of their authors. In keeping with its mission and values, CNAS does not engage in lobbying activity and complies fully with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Accordingly, CNAS will not engage in any representation or advocacy on behalf of any entities or interests and, to the extent that the Center accepts funding from foreign sources, its activities will be limited to bona fide scholastic, academic, and research-related activities, consistent with applicable federal law.

Political Engagement Policy

Consistent with its bipartisan character and its mission of shaping and elevating the national security debate, CNAS encourages its personnel to become engaged in their personal capacities in political activities, including as advisors to presidential and other campaigns. Such engagement has been core to the Center’s impact since its inception, and all CNAS personnel are welcome to participate in their individual capacities. However, it is CNAS policy that the institution shall not engage in political campaigns or activities, and that CNAS personnel participating in them do so solely in their individual capacities on their own time, without using CNAS resources and without suggesting that their views or activities in any way represent the Center as an institution. At the same time, CNAS encourages its personnel to always to act with civility and a spirit of mutual respect, consistent with the Center’s mission to deliver bold, innovative, and bipartisan ideas and elevate the national security debate.

CNAS Donor Acceptance and Disclosure Policy

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) accepts funds from a broad range of sources provided they are for purposes that are in keeping with its mission. These contributions may be payable on an annual basis or over a period of time, or be given as in-kind goods or services. CNAS is grateful for the contributions it receives, which provide critical support that makes the Center’s work possible. CNAS respects the intent of its donors by ensuring that the Center uses donor funds in accordance with their wishes.

Acceptance of any contribution is at the discretion of CNAS. Accordingly, each is subject to a condition, which is reflected in a written acceptance letter for any contribution of $250 and above that stipulates that CNAS is accepting such contribution on the condition that CNAS retains intellectual independence and full control over any content funded in whole or in part by the contribution, consistent with the Center’s Intellectual Independence Policy.

As a general policy, the Center does not accept anonymous contributions. In appropriate occasions CNAS will make exceptions to this policy for individual donors. For example, some individuals have a policy of not disclosing their charitable giving.

CNAS publicly acknowledges all its donors who give $250 or more in an annual listing on its website, and may do so in other contexts as well.

The Center does not sell, trade, or rent its donor lists, and does not share donor information with third parties. CNAS takes all reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized use of its donor lists.