Dr. Keegan McBride

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Lecturer in AI, Government, and Policy, Oxford Internet Institute

Dr. Keegan McBride is a Lecturer in AI, Government, and Policy, and the Course Director of the Social Science of the Internet MSc program at the Oxford Internet Institute, and a Technology and National Security Adjunct Fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

At the University of Oxford, Dr. McBride conducts research on how new and emerging disruptive technologies are transforming our understanding of the state, government, and power. He has a particular interest in digitalization of the public sector, global digital infrastructure, digital innovation, and U.S. – China digital competition. As an author, Dr. McBride frequently highlights how global geopolitics are being reshaped by emerging digital technologies and the infrastructure that lies beneath them. His insights are frequently requested by high-level decisionmakers, business leaders, and leading media outlets.

Originally from Washington State, Dr. McBride has accumulated a large amount of international experience with MSc and PhD degrees awarded from Tallinn University of Technology in Tallinn, Estonia, and previous work as a postdoctoral researcher in Berlin at the Hertie School Centre for Digital Governance.

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