August 11, 2021

Inside the Biden administration as Afghanistan collapses

Source: Axios

Journalists: Jonathan Swan, Zachary Basu

Lisa Curtis, a former senior NSC official who sat alongside Khalilzad during the Trump administration's negotiations with the Taliban, called on the Biden administration to "end its feckless calls for the Taliban to engage in peace talks when it's crystal clear they have no interest in a peaceful settlement."

"Instead, the administration should lead an effort at the UN to slap sanctions on key Taliban leaders for the atrocities they are committing against civilians, such as the assassination of the government media chief last Friday.

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  • Lisa Curtis

    Senior Fellow and Director, Indo-Pacific Security Program

    Lisa Curtis is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Indo-Pacific Security Program at CNAS. She is a foreign policy and national security expert with over 20 years of service in...