August 09, 2021

It’s unforgivable to hold the Olympics in Beijing

Source: The Washington Post

Journalist: Sally Jenkins

It was a forgivable mistake to award an Olympics to Beijing in 2008. It’s unforgivable to hold one there now. If you want a world pocked by concentration camps, in which Xi Jinping surveils your den, takes over Taiwan and threatens a shooting war in Australia, then by all means send an American delegation to the 2022 Winter Games. Western democracies that participate will only be helping to promote, finance and propagandize their own destruction, which after all is Xi’s clearly stated aim, with his talk of “heads bashed bloody against a Great Wall of steel.”

Boycotts work — among other things, a boycott helped end apartheid. But a “diplomatic” boycott is not a real boycott; it’s just a timorous, droning half-measure suggested by wishful thinkers not yet ready to recognize that the 2022 Winter Games will be the most dangerous Olympics since Berlin in 1936. You have to work on Capitol Hill to think that the word “diplomatic” before “boycott” will do anything but put people to sleep.

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  • David Feith

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program

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