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September 27, 2021

Joe Biden's policy is based on "competitive coexistence with China"

Featuring Jacob Stokes

Source: Le Point

Journalist Claire Meynial

Le Point: Some are surprised by Joe Biden's attitude towards China. When he was a candidate, it was he who laughed at Donald Trump's obsession: "China will overtake us? Be serious… "

Jacob Stokes: In fact, for decades he has recognized that China is getting richer and that the development of its army is the most important geopolitical change of the 21st century. This exchange about Donald Trump was a comparison between the United States as a global power and China. It was about our ability to remain powerful and influence the world, but also about our system of governance reflecting values. Is democracy the best system of governance? Could an authoritarian regime be better? This is the fundamental question. What he meant was that we give our best when we recognize that we are strong, against China, and we should not overreact as long as we do what it takes to stay competitive. This sentence was intended, not to downplay the challenges posed by China, but to affirm its confidence in the American system and our ability to face it.

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