Image credit: Department of Defense photograph by Lt. J. G. Joe Painter

August 25, 2021

The Taliban economy: Will drugs be enough to support the Afghan people?

Featuring Alex Zerden

Source: Fox News

Journalists Chase Williams, Edward Lawrence

That is what experts are saying the Taliban will soon find after the Biden administration’s decision to abandon Afghanistan was followed by a hostile takeover of the nation by the militant group.

Circumstances have changed since the Taliban last ruled the country 20 years ago and the situation could soon become urgent for Afghan citizens.

"I expect the Taliban will be somewhat strapped for money. Running a country like Afghanistan is expensive, in particular because the vast majority of the population lives below the poverty line. And so foreign aid had been paying... I believe upwards of 70% of the government budget. So that's going to dry up," predicted Gretchen Peters, executive director of the Center on Illicit Networks and Transnational Organized Crime (CINTOC).

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