October 16, 2017

Trump Admin. Makes Gains on ISIS, but Lack of Syria Policy Raises Concern

Source: NBC News

Journalist: Vivian Salama

WASHINGTON —The Trump administration’s efforts to recapture the ISIS-held Syrian city of Raqqa, the group’s de-facto capital, are making enough headway that the operation could wrap up as soon as this month, U.S. officials tell NBC News.

But President Donald Trump’s administration has yet to reveal its broader Syria policy, raising concern that the country may be left vulnerable to various regional powers after Raqqa falls.

Three U.S. officials involved in Syria policy discussions said efforts to shape the nascent administration’s broader strategy for the war-torn country have been troubled. National security advisers on one of the White House’s policy coordination committees recently embarked on a roadshow to various government agencies to sell the president’s views.

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  • Nicholas Heras

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