September 09, 2021

Trump wanted out of Afghanistan. Now he wants to bomb it.

Featuring Lisa Curtis


Journalist Meridith McGraw

Donald Trump spent years arguing that America’s “endless wars” were draining the country of resources and lives. But in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, that’s changed.

The former president has privately sensed an opening to attack his successor for the chaotic and bloody situation on the ground there. And in a statement last week, he declared that if the Taliban didn’t return mostly defunct American military equipment, “we should either go in with unequivocal Military force and get it, or at least bomb the hell out of it.”

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  • Lisa Curtis

    Senior Fellow and Director, Indo-Pacific Security Program

    Lisa Curtis is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Indo-Pacific Security Program at CNAS. She is a foreign policy and national security expert with over 20 years of service in...