October 23, 2017

US, South Korea Stand United Against Kim Ahead of Trump’s Asia Trip

Source: The Daily Signal

Journalist: Fred Lucas

President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in could be set to take an international good cop/bad cop approach in handling the North Korean nuclear threat, one expert suggests in advance of Trump’s two-week trip to Asia in November.

“While it’s true many of the things said by President Trump and [North Korea’s] Kim Jong Un [have] raised concerns over the Korean Peninsula, if you think of every attempt we made with [North Korea], it has all failed,” Kim Young-Joon, senior researcher with the Institute for National Security Strategy, said Thursday at a panel discussion at The Heritage Foundation. “Now it’s time to try new things.”

“What we are witnessing is new things with President Trump and President Moon Jae-in. President Moon plays a more calm and stable role. President Trump is more aggressive and unorthodox role that we are not used to,” he told the audience at the event, “The North Korean Nuclear Challenge and International Response.”

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  • Elizabeth Rosenberg

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