December 07, 2021

What Sanctions Could the US Hit Russia With if it Invades Ukraine?

Source: The Guardian

Journalist: Julian Borger

Joe Biden goes into Tuesday’s virtual summit with Vladimir Putin, after days of close consultation with European allies on a joint response to an invasion of Ukraine, armed with a wide range of punitive measures at his disposal.

There would be increased military support for Kyiv and a bolstering of Nato’s eastern flank, but the primary focus would be on sanctions. The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said they would include “high-impact economic measures that we’ve refrained from taking in the past”.


Edward Fishman, non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, said: “There is much room left for ratcheting up economic pressure against Moscow, should the Biden administration opt to do so.

“Current sanctions against Russia are light-touch; if Iran sanctions are a 10 out of 10 in intensity, today’s Russia sanctions are perhaps a two or a three,” Fishman said. “Not a single major state-owned Russian company is under full-blocking sanctions.”

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  • Edward Fishman