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The CNAS Middle East Security program will explore and recommend policy choices to advance U.S. national security objectives in the Middle East in the coming period in which the preponderance of U.S. military resources and attention will shift to other regions. The program will identify strategies and tools available to continue to promote regional stability and security, advance partnerships and alliances, and anticipate emerging challenges. Additionally, the program will examine the strategic choices facing U.S. partners and adversaries in the Middle East region to better understand and predict their decision-making in the context of a fast-evolving strategic landscape.

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Middle East Security

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The use of Kerem Shalom should ease the flow and increase the number of aid deliveries. On Wednesday, 80 trucks made their way into Gaza via the Rafah crossing, far short of t...

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Petraeus says Israel should try U.S.-style counterinsurgency in Gaza

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Middle East Security

Is cryptocurrency enabling Hamas? Efforts to halt terror funding revive.

“It’s a space of finite resources and constantly changing prioritization,” says Alex Zerden, a terror-financing expert formerly at the U.S. Treasury and now head of his own ri...

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