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Rapid developments in emerging technologies create opportunities and challenges for U.S. and allied militaries. The United States and its allies must adapt and develop new ways of warfighting to sustain advantage over adversaries on the battlefield. Research projects include:

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Indo-Pacific Security

Noteworthy: House Select Committee on CCP Report on Economic Competition

Key Findings and Recommendations Pillar I: Reset the Terms of Our Economic Relationship With the People’s Republic of China For decades, the PRC has failed to live up to its W...

Technology & National Security

The world is watching the war in Ukraine through drones, and it twists the view of who is winning this fight

So it goes in the ongoing drone war — no soldier or vehicle is safe from these weapons. And nearly two years after Russia's full-scale invasion, the world is, more often than ...

Technology & National Security

CNAS Launches Defense Technology Task Force

Washington, October 5, 2023 – The Center for a New American Security is pleased to announce the launch of its Defense Technology Task Force. The task force will bring togethe...

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