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CNAS Podcasts

Hosted by Neal Urwitz

Brief chats about current events, recent reports, and the latest analysis from CNAS experts.

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Brussels Sprouts

Hosted by Julie Smith and Jim Townsend

Small bites on Transatlantic Security, NATO, the EU, Russia, and all things Europe.

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Recent Podcasts

Technology & National Security

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Debate the Future of AI: Who's Right?

As Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg publicly debate the future of artificial intelligence, CNAS Technology and National Security Program Director Paul Scharre sits down with Neal...

Technology & National Security

Drones Podcast Series: U.S. Policy and Exports

On this episode, Michael Horowitz, Dan Gettinger, and Alexandra Sander join Paul Scharre to discuss U.S. policy changes on unmanned aircraft exports in recent years....

Defense Strategies & Assessments

The NDAA Explained

Lauren Fish, research associate with the CNAS Defense Strategies and Assessments Program, explains the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Hosted by Neal Urwitz....

Transatlantic Security

Rethinking UK's Brexit Strategy: Tidbits from the Chatham House Director

On this episode, Dr. Robin Niblett discusses Britain's current political climate and how the country could find its own way post-Brexit. Dr. Niblett also provides a quick tuto...

Military, Veterans, & Society

Admiral Gary Roughead and Amy Schafer on the Rise of the Warrior Caste

Admiral Gary Roughead and Amy Schafer discuss the rise of the 'warrior caste' - the propensity of youth from military families to serve in the armed forces - and the all-volun...

Transatlantic Security

Maintaining European Alliances: A Perspective from the British Defence Secretary

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon stops by to discuss what's coming out of Brussels on defense. Hosted by Julie Smith and Jim Townsend....

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