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A Look at Iran After June 2009 Election/Selection

Sep 17 – 19, 2009

Center for a New American Security
Washington, DC

The Center for a New American Security hosted Dr. Amin Tarzi, Director of Middle East Studies at the Marine Corps University, for a discussion A Look at Iran After June 2009 Election/Selection. Dr. Tarzi discussed the Iranian psyche, Iranian socio-economic indicators, characteristics of Iran’s power structure, and the political mindsets of the Islamic Republic. He also discussed key challenges for the West regarding Iran’s role in the future of world affairs.

Prior to coming to the Marine Corps, Dr. Tarzi worked as a Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty regional analyst, providing political analysis of the situation in the Greater Middle East. Dr. Tarzi has also worked as the Senior Research Associate for the Middle East at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, as well as the Political Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Mission at the United Nations and Researcher/Analyst on Iranian affairs at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in Abu Dhabi. In addition to his formal work, Dr. Tarzi participated for five years in a series of informal Track II meetings with civilian and military personalities from Iran, Israel, and several Arab states to discuss threat perceptions, security, and confidence building measures.