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Countering Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific

Mar 3, 2016
1:30pm to 3:00pm ET

National Press Club, The Holeman Lounge
Washington, DC


The Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) and the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) are pleased to present a panel discussion on the challenges posed by resurgent extremism in the Asia-Pacific region and the opportunities for greater regional counterterrorism collaboration. Kevin Rudd, ASPI’s President and former Prime Minister of Australia, will moderate this timely discussion.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Patrick Cronin
Senior Advisor and Senior Director of the
Asia-Pacific Security Program
Center for a New American Security

Dr. Joseph Chinyong Liow
Lee Kuan Yew Chair in Southeast Asia Studies and Senior Fellow
Brookings Center for East Asia Policy Studies

The Hon. Kevin Rudd (Moderator)
Asia Society Policy Institute

Event Description

The growing influence of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and anticipated return of foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria has emerged as an unexpected and troubling new development in South and Southeast Asia. Its sophisticated use of online social media, abundant financing, and ease of travel makes ISIS a more dangerous network than the region has faced in the past. At the same time, deep concern and acknowledgement of the threat is growing among Asia-Pacific nations, opening up new avenues for regional security cooperation. Counter-terrorism presents a promising area of practical collaboration among nations with otherwise difficult relationships. On March 3, Dr. Cronin, Dr. Liow, and Hon. Rudd will discuss these challenges and explore opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to seeing you at the National Press Club on March 3.


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