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Mapping U.S. Energy and Climate Security

Apr 29, 2009
9:00am to 5:30pm ET

The Willard Intercontinental Hotel
Washington, DC

On April 29, 2009, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) held an off-the-record working conference on Mapping U.S. Energy and Climate Security. This day-long event, co-hosted with the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Markle Foundation, included more than 60 leading experts in these fields, including representatives drawn from the private sector, non-governmental organizations, academia, and federal, state and local government agencies.

The conference followed on from the Big Energy Map project, in which CNAS analysts identified and mapped how the federal government is set up to implement the Presidents energy and climate security policies. The April 29 event involved four working groups (on the focus areas of innovation, diversification and protection, end use, and information and collaboration) in which participants debated obstacles to, opportunities for, and metrics for success of the ambitious energy and climate security goals President Obama has set for the nation. Video recordings of the opening remarks are available on this page. Updates and the final project report will be available in the coming weeks.