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Mission Brief | The Future of the Army National Guard with Lieutenant General Jon A. Jensen Director, Army National Guard

Feb 22, 2022
10:00am to 11:00am ET


The Army National Guard is a critical component of the U.S. Joint Force and a key combat reserve of the U.S. Army. Over the past year, the Guard has been called to perform a wide range of functions at home and overseas. While the increasing importance of the National Guard suggests that these forces will continue to play a critical role in future competition and conflict, the broad missions and reliance on the Guard have impacted readiness and generated questions about the component’s strategic purpose. What is the future of the Army National Guard? On Tuesday, February 22, the Center for a New American Security hosted LTG Jon A. Jensen, Director of the Army National Guard, to discuss how the Army National Guard is modernizing and preparing for future operations and bolstering readiness to meet forecasted challenges.

This conversation is part of the CNAS Mission Brief speaker series, which features deep-diving discussions with the military and civilian leaders driving strategy and future force planning. Conversations cover a wide array of topics, including future defense strategy and force design, new operational concepts, and balancing readiness with ongoing operations.


LTG Jon A. Jensen
Director, Army National Guard

Hosted by:

Becca Wasser
Fellow, Defense Program
Center for a New American Security