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Natural Security: Navigating the Future Global Environment

Apr 28, 2010
3:00pm to 7:00pm

The Willard InterContinental Hotel
Washington, DC


The effects of climate change and the way we use energy are significant U.S. national security challenges.  Addressing them will be increasingly important for our nation's defense. The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) invites you to attend an event that will examine these critical issues, featuring a keynote address by Carol Browner, Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change.

A roundtable discussion among national security experts will follow the keynote address. Experts will address questions including: How will energy and water challenges in Pakistan and Afghanistan affect current operations in the region and U.S. military bases around the globe? How will competition for energy, strategic minerals, food, and water affect countries and regions of strategic importance – from Afghanistan to the Arctic, China to Yemen?

This event marks the launch of the groundbreaking CNAS report Broadening Horizons: Climate Change and the U.S. Armed Forces, which examines the dual pressures of climate change and energy on each U.S. military service and regional combatant command.  Authors Christine Parthemore; Commander Herb Carmen, USN; and Will Rogers map a road ahead to improve the country's ability to promote national security in the face of a changing climate.


The Honorable Carol Browner
Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change


Dr. David Kilcullen
President and CEO of Caerus

Rear Admiral Philip Hart Cullom, USN
Head of the Navy’s Task Force Energy
Director, Fleet Readiness Division on the Navy Staff

Robert Kaplan
Senior Fellow, CNAS
Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly

Christine Parthemore
Bacevich Fellow, CNAS