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Safe@Home | A Conversation on Swatting

Feb 22, 2024
11:00am to 11:30am ET



Nationwide, there has been a noticeable uptick in swatting cases, negatively impacting the safety and security of high-profile public servants and law enforcement agencies. In this episode of our Safe@Home speaker series, CNAS hosted a virtual event with Kenneth Corey, former NYPD Chief of Department, and Josh Campbell, CNAS Adjunct Senior Fellow and CNN Correspondent, for a conversation on the increase of these incidents targeting public officials, challenges to law enforcement agencies in terms of resources, capacity, and risk, and proposed legislative remedies at the state and federal levels.

The CNAS Safe@Home speaker series focuses on challenges to homeland security such as international and domestic terrorism, political violence against government officials, mass shootings and gun violence, pandemic preparedness and response, climate related emergency management, cybersecurity and response, and related issues. Under the Securing U.S. Democracy Initiative, this series aims to inform policymakers to ensure that domestic security and public safety are adequately represented in national security conversations and problem-solving efforts.


Kenneth E. Corey
Chief of Department (Ret.)
New York Police Department

Josh Campbell
Adjunct Senior Fellow, CNAS
Correspondent, CNN


Carrie Cordero
Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow

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