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The ROK-U.S. Alliance: Planning for the Future

Dec 15, 2010
9:00am to 8:00pm ET

Shilla Hotel

The last twenty years have witnessed fundamental changes in the international landscape with the end of the Cold War, the events of 9/11, and more recently the Global Financial Crisis. The threats and challenges that the ROK-U.S. alliance faces in the twenty-first century are all derived from these changes. Following the Global Financial Crisis, the influence of the United States as the global superpower is relatively declining while the hegemonic voice of China is becoming louder. At the same time, the future of North Korea is uncertain with the ongoing delicate succession process of handing power from the frail Kim Jong-il to his young and inexperienced son Kim Jong-eun. These international shifts raise significant questions yet also provide an opportunity to prepare for a new era.

The East Asia Institute and the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) jointly held the 4th “ROK-U.S. Alliance Conference” with support from Pyeongtaek City. The topic for this conference was “ROK-U.S. Alliance: Planning for the Future” and brought together a number of scholars, experts, politicians, and media from both South Korea and the United States. Reflecting the future challenges, the conference held three sessions looking at the changing strategic environment, non-military planning for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) collapse, and the future of the ROK-U.S. alliance. 

Click here for a full conference agenda and summary.


General Walter L. Sharp
Commander, UNC/CFC/USF

Dr. Patrick Cronin
Senior Advisor and Senior Director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program, CNAS

Abraham Denmark
Fellow, CNAS

Victor Cha
Professor, Georgetown University
Member, CNAS Board of Advisors

Kang Choi
Professor, Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security

Evans Revere
Senior Director, Albright Stonebridge Group

Beomchul Shin
Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses

Du Hyeogn Cha
Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses

Markus Garlauskas
Chief of the Strategy Division, United States Forces Korea