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Virtual Book Launch | Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Feb 28, 2023
4:30pm to 5:30pm ET


On Tuesday, February 28, CNAS hosted the launch of Paul Scharre’s new book, Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Award-winning defense expert Dr. Paul Scharre tells the story of today’s great power rivalry—the struggle to control artificial intelligence.

A new industrial revolution has begun. Like mechanization or electricity before it, artificial intelligence will touch every aspect of our lives—and cause profound disruptions in the balance of global power, especially among the AI superpowers: China, the United States, and Europe. Autonomous weapons expert Paul Scharre takes readers inside the fierce competition to develop and implement this game-changing technology and dominate the future.


Dr. Paul Scharre
Vice President and Director of Studies, CNAS

Introduction by:

Bob Work
Senior Counselor for Defense and Distinguished Senior Fellow, CNAS
Former Deputy Secretary of Defense

Moderated by:

Jeanne Whalen
Global Business Reporter, The Washington Post