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Virtual Event | Raising the Economic Costs for Russia’s Continued Aggression toward Ukraine

Feb 14, 2022
9:00am to 10:00am ET


Despite diplomatic efforts to avert a Russian attack on Ukraine, Moscow continues to buildup its forces on Ukraine’s border, positioning Moscow to conduct a large-scale military operation should Putin give the orders. In the event of a Russian military incursion into Ukraine, the United States, United Kingdom, and several European countries have pledged to levy heavy economic pressure on Russian targets, including possible sanctions designations on major Russian banks and novel technology controls. However, questions remain about how united the U.S. and Europe would be in implementing sanctions on Russia, how the allies would respond to Russian actions short of an overt invasion, and whether sanctions alone can deter Russia in Ukraine.

On Monday, February 14, CNAS hosted an event that drew on regional and functional experts to discuss how the U.S., EU, and UK have sought to use sanctions and other economic measures to deter further Russian aggression towards Ukraine.


Edward Fishman
Adjunct Fellow
Energy, Economics, and Security Program, CNAS

Dr. Maria Shagina
Visiting Fellow, U.S. Center for Politics and Power
Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Tom Keatinge
Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies
Royal United Services Institute

Moderated by:

Emily Kilcrease
Senior Fellow and Program Director
Energy, Economics, and Security Program, CNAS

Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Senior Fellow and Program Director
Transatlantic Security Program, CNAS