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Virtual Event | Russian Political Stability: Assessing How the Kremlin’s War in Ukraine Is Affecting Putin’s Hold on Power

Mar 2, 2023
11:00am to 12:00pm ET


One year into Putin’s war in Ukraine, Russia’s poor military’s performance, botched mobilization, mounting casualties, economic challenges resulting from the sanctions and export controls, and increasingly visible elite fissure are raising questions about political stability inside the country. To provide insight into these questions, CNAS hosted a virtual panel on Thursday, March 2 featuring leading experts on Putin’s Russia.

The event marks the launch of a new publication, The Russia Stability Tracker, which identifies those factors most critical to Putin’s stability, how those factors have changed in the aftermath of Putin’s invasion, and their impact on regime stability. The Russia Stability Tracker captures the assessments of leading experts on Putin’s Russia and authoritarianism. The group will regularly update their assessments of these factors, providing insight into how dynamics are changing.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Timothy M. Frye
Marshall D. Shulman Professor of Post-Soviet Politics,
Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Dr. Marlene Laruelle
Director, Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) and Illiberalism Studies Program,
The George Washington University

Dr. Brian Taylor
Director, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs and
Professor, Political Science, Syracuse University

Dr. Daniel Treisman
Professor, Department of Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles
Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Moderated by:

Dr. Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Senior Fellow and Director, Transatlantic Security Program, CNAS
Former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia, National Intelligence Council (NIC)