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Virtual Event | The War in Ukraine: Implications for the Indo-Pacific

Mar 9, 2022
3:00pm to 4:00pm ET


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has wide-ranging implications for U.S. foreign policy and is already reverberating across the globe. Aside from Europe, the most impacted region is likely to be the Indo-Pacific, where the administration is increasing military resources and diplomatic and economic engagement. Many observers have voiced concern that Russia’s war in Ukraine could jeopardize U.S. commitments to sustained engagement in the Indo-Pacific and create openings for actors such as China and North Korea to further their interests in the region. In addition, the unity of the Quad—made up of Australia, India, Japan, and the United States—is under strain after India joined China in abstaining from voting on a United Nations Security Council Resolution that would have condemned Russia’s invasion and called on Moscow to withdraw its forces.

On Wednesday, March 9, from 3:00PM–4:00PM EST CNAS hosted an expert panel that discussed how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will impact the geopolitical and economic landscape of the Indo-Pacific. Looking forward, how should the United States work with allies to confront aggression in Europe while still deepening Washington’s engagement in the Indo-Pacific and competing effectively with China? And how will the war in Ukraine reshape relations among the region’s major powers, including the United States, China, Russia, India, and Japan?

Featured Speakers:

Ashley Tellis
Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs and Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Tobias Harris
Senior Fellow for Asia, Center for American Progress

Lisa Curtis
Senior Fellow and Director, Indo-Pacific Security Program, Center for a New American Security

Jacob Stokes
Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program, Center for a New American Security

Moderated by:

Richard Fontaine
Chief Executive Officer, Center for a New American Security