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Virtual Launch Event | Strengthening the Shield: Japan's Defense Transformation and the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Sep 13, 2023
9:00am to 10:00am ET


The Center for a New American Security held an event marking the release of a new report, Strengthening the Shield: Japan's Defense Transformation and the U.S.-Japan Alliance. The report examines Japan’s evolving defense and security policies and assesses their implications for the U.S.-Japan alliance and Washington’s strategy toward the Indo-Pacific. The report was authored by Indo-Pacific Security Program Senior Fellow Jacob Stokes, Senior Fellow and Program Director Lisa Curtis, and Associate Fellow Joshua Fitt, with former Senior Military Fellow LtCol Joseph I. Grimm and Research Consultant Rebecca Wittner.

The event featured an expert panel discussion among Zack Cooper, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, JIMBO Ken, Managing Director at the International House of Japan and President of the Asia-Pacific Initiative, Jacob Stokes, and Yuki Tatsumi, Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the East Asia Program and Director of the Japan Program at the Stimson Center. Joshua Fitt moderated the session, which examined the issues covered in the report.

Expert Panel Discussion:

Zack Cooper
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Managing Director, International House of Japan
President, Asia-Pacific Initiative

Jacob Stokes
Senior Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program, CNAS

Yuki Tatsumi
Senior Fellow and Co-Director, East Asia Program; Director, Japan Program
Stimson Center

Joshua Fitt
Associate Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program, CNAS

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