Andrew Metrick

Fellow, Defense Program

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Andrew Metrick is a Fellow with Defense Program at CNAS. His research focuses on the linkages between strategic objectives and operational plans with a specific interest in understanding the implications of protracted, global conflict against peer states. In this capacity, he employs a range of qualitative and quantitative research tools to include operations research, GIS analysis, OSINT collection, and wargaming.

Prior to joining CNAS, he was a campaign analyst and wargamer at Northrop Grumman. In this role, he conducted strategic and theater level analysis to quantify munitions, posture, and logistics implications of peer conflict. This analysis and the associated models received multiple awards for innovation. Early in his career, he was an Associate Fellow with the International Security Program at CSIS where he published several studies focused on maritime issues in Asia and Europe.

Metrick holds a MA in security studies from Georgetown University and a BA in international affairs from the George Washington University with an academic interest in military innovation theory and technology diffusion. His writing has appeared in Proceedings, War on the Rocks, Defense One, and CIMSEC.

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