Bob Sorensen

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

Research Areas

Bob Sorensen is Hyperion Research's Senior Vice President for Research and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing. Bob’s areas of expertise include analysis of advanced computing hardware and related advanced processors and accelerators, as well as leading-edge computer architectures, applications, and performance metrics for both classical and quantum computing (QC) systems. He has written extensively on topics as broad as QC early adopter perspectives, development of bespoke high-performance computers, government support to emerging technologies, and global policy issues surrounding high-technology supply chains, export controls, and sovereign technology activities. Before joining Hyperion Research, Bob worked for more than 30 years within the U.S. Federal Government as a Senior Science and Technology analyst covering global advanced computing developments to support senior-level U.S. policy makers including those in the White House, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, and Treasury. Bob has a BSEE from the University of Rochester, a MSCS from the George Washington University, and a graduate certificate in computational science from George Mason University.

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