Brandon Daniels

Member, CNAS Board of Advisors

Exiger, CEO

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Brandon Daniels the CEO of Exiger, a supply chain and third-party risk management tech company that is revolutionizing the way Fortune 500 companies and governments decide who to do business with through award-winning AI. A regulatory expert, technology practitioner and AI innovator, he brings decades of experience in senior management. Brandon has been instrumental in growing Exiger, which was recently named one of Fast Company’s Brands That Matter, leading the company’s work to support the COVID-19 White House Joint Acquisition Task Force, implement Russia-Ukraine war sanctions, reform semiconductor supply chains, enforce forced labor legislation, improve supply chain transparency across 60 federal agencies in the U.S. Federal Government, and execute the HSBC Monitorship.

Before joining Exiger, Brandon served as President of Clutch Group, where he rapidly grew the company into one of the first movers in legal and compliance analytics. At Clutch Group, he led and architected innovative AI solutions for large-scale investigations into some of the most prominent regulatory matters in the wake of the global financial crisis including LIBOR manipulation, Volcker Rule implementation, FX rigging and RMBS fraud. Prior to Clutch Group, he served as Vice President and Global Head of Legal Solutions at CPA Global, where he was a part of the executive team leading the transformation from a patent annuities company to one of the world’s largest IP and legal technology businesses.

Throughout his career, Brandon has earned a reputation for driving technological innovation in the most challenging regulatory and compliance markets, working with some of the world’s most influential names in healthcare, financial services, energy and technology. He has been featured as a thought leader in major business outlets including CNBC, Fox Business, Financial Times, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Brandon currently sits on Fast Company’s Impact Council and Forbes’ Technology Council.

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