Caitlin Talmadge

Next Generation National Security Fellow, 2009-2010

Visiting Fellow, Center for Peace and Security Studies, Georgetown University

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Caitlin Talmadge is a doctoral candidate in the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This year she is also a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Peace and Security Studies at Georgetown. Her research focuses on military operations and strategy, defense policy, nuclear terrorism, civil-military relations, and Iran. She has published articles in International Security, The Washington Quarterly, The Non-Proliferation Review, The Harvard International Review, European Voice, the Baltimore Sun, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among other media outlets and forums. She also recently completed her first book, U.S. Defense Politics and Policy (Routledge, 2008, with Harvey Sapolsky and Eugene Gholz). Caitlin has previously held positions as a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, a Research Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, a National Security Fellow at Harvard’s Olin Institute, and a Research Assistant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. She holds an A.B. in Government from Harvard and hails from Texas.

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