Carol Deane

Member, CNAS Board of Advisors

President, Starrett City Associates

  • Press:

Carol Deane is president of Starrett City Associates and runs the office of the MGP for Starrett City Inc. The Spring Creek Towers community (a.k.a. Starrett City) is located in Brooklyn, NY. It is the largest community of its kind with 48 apartment buildings, (close to 6,000 units), a shopping center, power plant, community center with sports club and four schools. In 2009, Starrett City completed a refinancing transaction that required coordination with politicians at every level of government.

She is Chairman of the Duke Health Board of Visitors and Chairman Emeritus of The Huntington Theatre Company, the 2013 Tony Award recipient for best regional theatre. The Huntington is known for its commitment to Broadway quality productions of classic plays as well as fostering new playwrights and the development of new works in addition to its student matinee and other educational programs. Ms. Deane is a native New Yorker who now makes her home in Boston. She graduated from Lake Forest College with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

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