Cristina Hernandez

Next Generation National Security Fellow, 2017

Senior Policy Advisor, Leidos

Cristina Hernandez is a military veteran and continues to support the national security sector as a private industry defense contractor. She has advised decision makers, led teams, guided change management, and directed implementation projects within the intelligence community for over 14 years.

Ms. Hernandez currently supports the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and is leading the overhaul of a governmental program that identifies the intelligence community’s mission needs which require technologies that may not yet exist or be used for national security purposes. Her efforts strengthen public-private partnerships to ensure the U.S. maintains its intelligence advantage. In preparation for the change in administration, Ms. Hernandez delivered policy recommendations for decision-makers on various national security topics. During her deployments to the Middle East, she conducted convoys, employed new and emerging technologies, and provided intelligence analysis support for combat operations.

Ms. Hernandez is originally from Las Vegas and currently resides in the District of Columbia. Her degrees include a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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