Danika Laszuk

General Manager

Betaworks Camp

  • Press: comms@cnas.org

Danika Laszuk leads Betaworks Camp, the company's thematic investment and residency program exploring frontier technology. Prior to joining Betaworks, she spent a number of years helping young companies develop products, marketing programs and leadership teams. Danika was previously the VP of marketing for Jawbone, where she built and ran the global marketing function. Danika spent nearly a decade at Apple where she oversaw product marketing for numerous generations of the iPod and developed the marketing strategy for the launch of the first iPhone. Prior to Apple, Danika was at HP where she managed the launch of its first consumer laptop.

Danika's interest in exploring how consumers interact with new technology and new behaviors that emerge has sparked her ambition for creating categories from scratch and building them to significant scale. She is constantly striving to create meaningful customer interactions with companies and products that transcend mere utility to become truly delightful experiences. Danika holds a bachelor of arts from Brown University.

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