Jared Jonker

Next Generation National Security Fellow, 2014

Palantir Technologies

  • Press: comms@cnas.org

Jared Jonker is an engineer at Palantir Technologies, a silicon-valley tech company operating in over 15 countries. In this capacity, Mr. Jonker has focused his energies on understanding the nexus between technology, commerce and national security. He is currently responsible for coordinating Palantir’s work with the Department of Defense. Prior to joining Palantir, Mr. Jonker served at the White House with the National Economic Council, as a strategy consultant and as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He currently resides in Falls Church, Virginia with his wife and four children.

Mr. Jonker holds a B.A. with Honors in English Literature from Calvin College. He also earned his M.A. in International Relations and M.B.A from Yale University. He is a Fellow of Yale University’s Trumbull College and a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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