Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson

Assistant Professor of International Relations

Boston University

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Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson is an Assistant Professor of International Relations, Boston University. His teaching and research interests focus on the intersection of international security and diplomatic history, particularly the rise and fall of great powers and the origins of grand strategy. He has special expertise in great power politics since 1945 and U.S. engagement in Europe and Asia. His next major project examines American foreign policy in the 1990s and early 2000s to explain how great powers try to stop challengers from emerging. Shifrinson earned a BA from Brandeis University and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The recipient of fellowships from the Dickey Center, the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies, and the Belfer Center, Shifrinson was an Assistant Professor Government at Texas A&M University prior to joining Pardee. At Boston University, he teaches classes on international relations theory, U.S. grand strategy, alliance politics, and security studies.

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