Justin Johnson

Next Generation National Security Fellow, 2011-2012

Legislative Director and Defense Policy Advisor, Congressman Todd Akin

  • Press: comms@cnas.org

Justin Johnson is the Legislative Director
and Defense Policy Advisor for Congressman Todd Akin, who chairs the Seapower
and Projection Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee. Since
the summer of 2006, he has handled all of the Congressman’s Armed Services
Committee work as well as anything relating to national defense, homeland
security and foreign policy, first as Military Legislative Assistant and now as
Legislative Director. In his role as Legislative Director, he also manages the
Congressman’s policy staff.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri,
Justin grew up in Iowa before moving to Eastern Europe. After living in
Germany, Belarus and the Czech Republic, Justin returned to attend Covenant
College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. With a degree in philosophy, Justin
worked for a major health insurance company in Chattanooga, Tennessee before
moving to Washington, DC. Justin began his career on the Hill working for the
U.S. Helsinki Commission, a congressional human rights organization, before
moving to the legislative staff of Congressman Todd Akin. He is currently
working part time on a master’s degree through the Naval War College. Justin,
his wife Erika, and daughter Pearl live in Washington, DC.