Krista Auchenbach

U.S. Air Force

Krista Auchenbach is the Associate Division Chief for the U.S. Air Force Strategic Assessments Division. Prior to joining the Air Staff in 2020, she worked in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, having joined the organization in 2008. Ms. Auchenbach served in several positions while in Policy, including most recently as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs, and was one of the select strategists to support the development of the 2018 National Defense Strategy. She also held positions related to cyber and special operations, strategy, counterterrorism, and the Middle East and China; and, she completed rotations with U.S. European Command, the Joint Staff, and U.S. Department of State. A native Pennsylvanian, Ms. Auchenbach came to Washington to study at the George Washington University where she earned a B.A. in International Affairs and a M.A. in Security Policy Studies.

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