Mahesh Veerina

Member, CNAS Board of Advisors

CEO of ParkourSC, Inc.

Mahesh is CEO of ParkourSC, Inc., software SaaS company providing real-time digital supply chain operations solutions. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, technology executive, and investor. A passionate leader, he enjoys developing strategic vision, driving innovation, and building world-class teams. A veteran Founder/CEO, he has taken several companies from early-stage to successful IPOs and acquisitions, as well as serving in senior leadership roles at Nokia, Motorola, Google, and Nook/Barnes & Noble. Previously he led Ramp Networks to successful IPO and acquisition by Nokia and Azingo from startup to acquisition by Motorola. He holds several technology patents with a background in cloud, security, data networking, predictive analytics, mobile, telecom, and hardware.

Mahesh served on several boards in venture-backed companies and industry organizations. He is a frequent guest speaker at Stanford GSB and other industry forums. Mahesh is passionate about supporting basic needs like food and education for children and supports several non-profits such as Foundation for Excellence, Akshaya Patra and other organizations.

Mahesh holds a MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from Purdue University, and a MSc in Electronics and Physics from Andhra University

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