Patrick Ryan

Next Generation National Security Fellow, 2012-2013

Founder and President, Praescient Analytics

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Patrick Ryan is the President of Praescient
Analytics, a firm that specializes in delivering cutting-edge technology
solutions to national security, intelligence and homeland defense
customers. In this role, he oversees the
company's commitment to operational impact and is responsible for the growth,
performance and delivery of Praescient's initiatives. Mr. Ryan has worked
closely with key leaders at every level from national agencies to
forward-deployed fusion centers in Afghanistan in order to provide high-impact
IT solutions and improvements in analytical processes.

Prior to founding Praescient, Mr. Ryan served as
an Army intelligence officer. Over the course of two combat deployments
to Iraq, he developed extensive experience in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism
operations, including leading a highly specialized team of intelligence
analysts, interrogators and technical specialists to target al Qaeda leadership
across Northern Iraq.

Mr. Ryan was a Distinguished Graduate from the
United States Military Academy at West Point where he earned a B.S. in
International Relations with a concentration in Systems Engineering. He
is currently completing his M.A. in Security Studies at Georgetown University's
Security Studies Program with a concentration in Terrorism and Substate
Violence. He is an avid runner and
triathlete, and lives in Washington, D.C.