Dr. Rebecca Crootof

Executive Director, Information Society Project

Yale Law School

  • Press: comms@cnas.org

Rebecca Crootof is the Executive Director of the Information Society Project and a Research Scholar and Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School. Dr. Crootof's written work explores questions stemming from the iterative relationship between law and technology. She teaches Technology Law, a course that identifies the various ways both domestic and international legal regimes respond to and shape technological development, and the Law and Artificial Intelligence reading group.

Dr. Crootof earned a B.A. cum laude in English with a minor in Mathematics at Pomona College; a J.D. at Yale Law School; and a PhD at Yale Law School, where she graduated as a member of the first class of PhDs in law awarded in the United States. Her dissertation, Keeping Pace: New Technology and the Evolution of International Law, discusses how technology fosters change in the international legal order, both by creating a need for new regulations and by altering how sources of international governance develop and interact.