​Ron Keesing

Senior Vice President, Technology Integration, Leidos

  • Press: comms@cnas.org

Ron Keesing is the Senior Vice President of Technology Integration at Leidos, where he is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning strategy. He leads a team of top data scientists, artificial intelligence researchers, and engineers within the Leidos Innovation Center – the technology-driven core of Leidos – who develop innovative solutions and conduct internally and externally funded research and development, delivering science and technology solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

Keesing has been directing research, development, and deployment of advanced solutions in AI, ML, and related technologies for over 25 years. He has done pioneering work on research programs addressing many of the nation’s toughest problems, from forecasting complex events like cyber threats and political instability from sparse data to discovering new potential cancer treatments by extracting and aligning knowledge embedded within massive datasets and research publications to creating the first generation of autonomous systems for spacecraft command and control. He has led the successful transition of many research technologies into operational programs within the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Keesing is a Leidos Technical Fellow and has authored papers and patents in diverse subfields of AI. His current research is focused on methods to improve resilience, security, assurance, and user trust in AI and ML.

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