​Rush Doshi

Next Generation National Security Fellow, 2015

Harvard University

  • Press: cstevens@cnas.org

Rush Doshi is a Raymond Vernon fellow in Harvard’s PhD program in Government. Doshi’s main research interests include Chinese and Indian foreign policy and he is proficient in Mandarin and Hindi. His work has been printed in the Wall Street Journal, among other publications. He was most recently an analyst at Long Term Strategy Group where he focused on Asia-Pacific security issues; previously, he researched international economic issues as an analyst at Rock Creek Global Advisors, consulted for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, participated in two studies at the Naval War College, and was an Arthur Liman Fellow at the Department of State. Doshi was a Fulbright fellow in China for one year (2011-2012) where he researched Sino-Indian relations. He has participated in non-governmental security dialogues with former officials from countries including China, India, and Japan, among others. He graduated from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude) with a minor in East Asian Studies.

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