Steven Mills

Managing Director & Partner, Chief AI Ethics Officer

Boston Consulting Group

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Steven Mills is a Managing Director & Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and a member of the firm’s Center for Digital Government. He serves as the Chief AI Ethics Officer, responsible for developing BCG’s internal Responsible AI program and guiding clients implement their own programs. He is the global lead for the Artificial Intelligence topic in the firm’s Public Sector practice area. For more than a decade, Steve has served private and public sector clients across defense, health, finance, aerospace, environment, and social impact. His leadership includes implementing complex AI/machine learning use cases, developing artificial intelligence and analytic strategies, and helping client build internal analytics capacity. He is a published author and speaker on topics including data science, artificial intelligence, digital ethics, and bias and fairness in machine learning. Steve holds M.Sc. from the Pennsylvania State University in the fields of Operations Research and Forest Management Planning and a B.Sc. in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from the Frostburg State University.

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