Walter F. Parkes

Member, CNAS Board of Advisors

Motion Picture Producer and Writer, Chairman and Co-Founder, Dreamscape Immersive

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Walter Parkes is a motion picture producer, writer and the former head of DreamWorks Studios. Films produced or executive produced by Parkes include Gladiator, Minority Report,the Men In Black series, Flight, Catch Me If You Can, The Mask of Zorro, The Kite Runner, Awakenings, Amistad and many other. As a screenwriter, Parkes is largely acknowledged as a pioneer in the development of the "tech-thriller" genre with WarGames, a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nominee, and Sneakers, starring Robert Redford. Most recently, Parkes is Co-Founder and Chairman of location-based virtual reality company Dreamscape Immersive. He has served as a director of CNAS, and currently sits on its advisory board.