October 17, 2017

How Bath Iron Works Stands To Benefit From The Navy’s Proposed Fleet Expansion

Source: Maine Public Radio

Journalist: Mal Leary

Congress is poised to embrace the Navy’s goal of expanding from its current fleet of 275 ships to 355. Doing so will be costly — the Congressional Budget Office has estimated a price tag of more than $26 billion a year. But if the spending is approved, it will mean a ramp-up in production, and that will likely be good news for one of the state’s largest employers, Bath Iron Works.

This is the first in a two-part series.

While much of the construction of a warship is done with computer-run automation, there are still plenty of workers involved in welding and fitting together steel sections of each ship. For BIW, building destroyers has been its principal work for over a century.

“We have great faith in Bath. Bath built, best built. And we look forward to this relationship growing and becoming even stronger,” said Navy Secretary Richard Spencer on a recent visit to BIW.

Listen to the interview on Maine Public Radio.


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