May 06, 2016

North Korean military moves: What can the U.S. do?

Featuring Patrick M. Cronin

Source: CNN

Journalist Nicole Gaouette


(CNN) —North Korea is marking its first top-level party congress since 1980 at a time of increased military aggression on the part of Pyongyang, alarming its neighbors and Western countries.

North Korea's behavior, which includes missile and nuclear tests and imprisoning Americans, has led to levels of tension in Asia unprecedented in modern memory, according to Pentagon officials.

Since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un assumed power in 2011, he has shown a penchant for brute force. He's secured his hold on power by having about 70 senior officials killed -- including one of his uncles. And he's steadily raised regional tensions with rocket launches, missile firings, cyber attacks, nuclear tests and -- North Korea claims -- a hydrogen bomb test, an assertion U.S. officials dispute.


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