October 30, 2017

Trump is heading to Asia with an ambitious agenda he’ll probably be unable to deliver

Featuring Harry Krejsa

Source: Think Progress

Journalist D. Parvaz

Starting on Friday, President Donald Trump will be visiting several Asian countries until November 14 — he’ll be stopping in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and The Philippines. In typical Trump fashion, the White House press briefing on the trip highlighted the trip as being the biggest deal ever, as though promoting a show destined for the Highest Ratings Ever.

According to senior administration officials on a press call on Tuesday:

  • The trip will be “the longest trip to the region by any president in the last 25 years.”
  • “No president has visited more countries on the region on any one trip since President George W. Bush in October 2003.”
  • The tour will be “an extension of the president’s extensive diplomatic engagement” with the region (the press call also highlighted that Trump had been on 43 phone calls with leaders from the region, including countries he will not be visiting on this trip).

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