May 24, 2017

Trump to visit NATO headquarters

Featuring Julianne Smith

Source: Washington Times

Journalist Carlo Muños

The surge in Taliban violence and attacks by the Islamic State in Afghanistan will be at the center of President Trump’s focus when he visits NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday.

With U.S. officials signaling the president hopes to lock in commitments for a possible alliance-wide troop increase in Afghanistan, analysts say the commander in chief’s self-professed deal making prowess will be put to the test at a moment when the administration’s wider strategy for the war-torn nation remains unclear.

“Allies know that the United States is debating another surge [in Afghanistan],” said Julianne Smith, a former NATO policy adviser at the Pentagon who heads the Transatlantic Security Program at the Washington-based Center for a New American Security think tank.

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  • Julianne Smith

    Former Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Julianne (“Julie”) Smith is a contributing editor to Foreign Policy, where she coedits “Shadow Government.” She is also a senior advisor at WestExec Advisors, an adjunct senio...