December 16, 2014

Amy Chang Named First CNAS Norman R. Augustine Research Associate

By Amy Chang


Washington, December 16 – The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) announced today that Amy Chang, a research associate in the CNAS Technology and National Security Program, will be the first Norman R. Augustine Research Associate. The position is named for Norman Augustine, who recently stepped down from the CNAS Board of Directors after serving since CNAS’ inception in 2007. The position is designed to continue CNAS’ long tradition of grooming future leaders.

“We are honored to have had Norm serve on our Board for seven years,” said CNAS Chief Executive Officer Michèle Flournoy. “He is responsible for so much of what CNAS is today. We could think of no better way to honor him than to name one of our most promising research associates – and one studying topics of great interest to Norm – as the first Norman R. Augustine Research Associate. We are confident Amy will do great things with the position.”

Ms. Chang is the author of a major, recently-released report on China’s cyber strategy, entitled Warring State: China’s Cybersecurity Strategy“Amy’s interest in – and talent for – tackling the newest and most important security challenges is tremendous,” said Mr. Augustine. “I am honored CNAS chose to name the position for me, and I am excited that Amy will be the first person to hold it. Her accomplishments to date are impressive, and I am looking forward to seeing what she does next.”

Over its history, CNAS has produced many high-level government appointees, and CNAS staffers have gone on to positions including Deputy Secretary of Defense, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, National Security Advisor to the Vice President, and Director of Policy Planning for the National Security Council, among many other positions. The Norman R. Augustine Research Associate position is designed to continue this tradition.

“I have always admired Mr. Augustine’s career and accomplishments,” said Ms. Chang. “I feel privileged to be the first person to serve in this position named after him. I hope that he will be proud of the work I produce in this capacity.”

Mr. Augustine is the retired chairman and chief executive officer of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, the nation’s largest defense contractor, and is a former under secretary of the Army. He is a longtime proponent for ensuring the place of science and engineering on the nation’s list of priorities. He served as chairman and principal officer of the American Red Cross for nine years and as chairman of the NAE, AUSA, AIA, and the Defense Science Board. He is a former president of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and holds 33 honorary degrees.

Ms. Chang's research interests include U.S. national security strategy, cybersecurity, military technological innovation, U.S-China relations, and Asia-Pacific security.  Prior to joining CNAS' Technology and National Security as a research associate in August 2014, Ms. Chang has worked at Albright Stonebridge Group, Defense Group Inc., the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), Project 2049 Institute, and the Council on Foreign Relations.


  • Amy Chang