February 03, 2015

Carter Nomination Hearing: Flournoy, CNAS Experts Weigh In On Key Issues


Washington, February 3 – In advance of Dr. Ashton Carter’s upcoming nomination hearing to be Secretary of Defense, experts from the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) have produced a series of commentaries outlining the key issues the 25th Secretary of Defense will face. The commentaries – including one from CNAS CEO Michèle Flournoy – recommend future courses of action for the Department of Defense.
The complete set of commentaries is available here:http://www.cnas.org/ideastoaction

Below, please find a list of CNAS experts and the topics they address in this series:

In introducing the commentaries, Ms. Flournoy said, “When confirmed, Dr. Ashton Carter will face an extraordinarily complex set of challenges, all of which require strong leadership and urgent attention. CNAS is proud to be a resource for policymakers working to protect and advance the nation's interests. This set of commentaries aims to highlight several of the most important issues facing the Department of Defense and our men and women in uniform. We hope our work helps to shape and elevate the debate in the halls of the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill."