October 20, 2011

CNAS Announces the Next Generation National Security Leaders Class of 2011-2012

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is pleased to announce the Next Generation National Security Leaders Class of 2011-2012. These 16 emerging leaders have diverse backgrounds and experience across the national security field, including in the executive and legislative branches, the U.S. military and the private sector.

CNAS launched the Next Generation National Security Leaders program as a reflection of its mission to foster bipartisanship and develop a shared understanding of the nation’s security interests and international priorities. John Nagl, CNAS President, and Steve Biegun, Ford Motor Company’s Vice President of International Governmental Affairs and member of the CNAS Board of Advisors, will lead the program in its third successive year. The program will feature discussions with leading practitioners on a series of salient national security topics including: maintaining U.S. national security in an era of fiscal austerity; China and America's shift to the Indo-Pacific region; the nexus of energy, natural resources and national security; the rise to power of "global swing states" like India, Indonesia, Turkey and Brazil; and current and future wars. The CNAS Next Generation Leaders will also have additional opportunities to engage with the national security community and contribute to collaborative writing projects.

“By convening a diverse group of some of the most promising national security leaders, the Next Generation National Security Leaders Program helps to foster the bipartisan thinking and collaboration across different sectors that are critical to solving the national security challenges of today and tomorrow,” said CNAS CEO Nathaniel Fick. CNAS President John Nagl added, “We look forward to working with these incredibly talented individuals as we continue to fulfill our mission of developing pragmatic policy solutions to the most pressing national security issues and training the nation's future national security leaders.”

Find out more about the Next Generation National Security Leaders Program and the 2011-2012 class here.

2011-2012 Next Generation National Security Leaders:

Brian Andrews
Maritime Security & Multilateral Affairs Coordinator, Office of Multilateral Affairs, East Asian & Pacific Affairs Bureau
Department of State

Kate Brannen
Congressional Correspondent
Defense News

Frances Tilney Burke
Foreign Affairs Specialist, Office of Rule of Law & Detainee Policy, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Department of Defense
Margaret Goodlander
Advisor for National Security and Foreign Affairs
Senator Joseph Lieberman
Andrew Herr
Principal Investigator
Scitor Corporation

Lieutenant Commander Kate Higgins-Bloom, USCG
Assistant Director, Office of Legislative Affairs
Department of Homeland Security
Justin Johnson
Legislative Director and Defense Policy Advisor
Representative Todd Akin
Captain Arthur E. Karell, USMC
Afghanistan/Pakistan Hand
Marine Corps University
Tamara Klajn
Professional Staff Member
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Laura Kwinn
Branch Chief for Laboratory Biosecurity, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
Department of Health and Human Services
Captain Joseph A. McCarthy, USA
Military Assistant, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Department of Defense
Paul Scharre
Foreign Affairs Specialist, Office of Force Development, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Department of Defense
Will Schlickenmaier
Director for Eastern and Strategic European Affairs, National Security Staff
National Security Council
Michael Sellitto
Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism
Department of State
Major Brian T. Stahl, USAF
Operations Program Element Monitor, Global Power Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition
United States Air Force


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